Do you have a chicken that is already laying eggs and you want to know the eggs’ hatch date after incubation? This chicken egg incubation calculator is the best online tool to determine when your chicken eggs will hatch. Using this chicken egg incubation calculator is easy. Just select the date the eggs were set and click calculate. You will see the hatch date immediately.

Chicken eggs have an average incubation period of 21 days. The incubation period for chicken eggs is 20 – 21 days counting from when the eggs are placed in an incubator.

Breeds of Chickens

The incubation calculator above works for the following breeds of chickens.

Ac Ameraucana Ancona
Andalusian Appenzell Bearded Hen Appenzell Pointed Hood Hen
Araucana Aseel Australorp
Baheij Bandara Barnevelders
Brahmas Buckeye Buttercup
Campine Catalana Chantecler
Cochin Cornish Crevecoeur
Cubalaya Delaware Dominiques
Dorking Dutch Bantam Faverolles
Frieslands Frizzle Gimmizah
Golden Montazah Hamburgs Holland
Houdan Java Jersey Giant
Jungle Fowl-Green Jungle Fowl-Gray La Fleche
Lakenvelder Lamona Langshan
Legbar Leghorn Marans
Malay Matrouh Minorca
Modern Game Naked Neck (Turken) Nankin
New Hampshire Red Old English Game Orpington
Plymouth Rock Polish Red Cap
Rhode Island Red Russian Orloff Sebright
Shamo Silkie (Bantam) Silver Montazah
Styrian Sultan Sumatra
Sussex Swiss Hen White-Faced Black Spanish
Welsummer Wyandottes Yokohama
day old chick
Newly hatched egg

How long does it take for a chicken egg to hatch?

It takes a fertilized chicken egg about 21 days to hatch under a broody hen or in an egg incubator.

How long is a bird pregnant before laying eggs?

Chickens like other birds are oviparous animals. This means that they don’t get pregnant but only lay eggs. The egg formation process lasts between 17 hours in a chicken (hen) before the hen lays it. Kindly note that a hen can only lay one egg per day.

What is the ideal temperature and humidity required for a successful chicken egg incubation?

Chicken eggs need to be incubated at an average temperature of 99.5oF and 60-65% relative humidity.

Would a chicken lay eggs without a cock?

Yes, a chicken would lay eggs even when there is no cock to mate her. However, such eggs are not hatchable and will not produce chicks.

Where can I buy a cheap, reliable egg incubator?

There are numerous cheap egg incubators. However, you can get a cheap and reliable egg incubator on Amazon for as low as $30. Click here to buy a cheap incubator on Amazon.

Chicken Eggs Incubation Chart / Hatching Chart

The following chicken egg incubator chart will guide you in incubating and hatching your chicken’s eggs successfully.

chicken egg incubation chart

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