Gestation Periods for Some Mammals

How Long does Gestation Last in Animals?

Gestation period varies in different animal species and it is determined by the characteristics of the species. The table below shows the gestation periods for some animals (mammals).

AnimalGestation PeriodAnimalGestation Period
Aardvark213 daysClouded Leopard70 days
African Bush Elephant20 – 24 monthsCoyote63 days
African Civet60 – 70 daysDeer (Mule and White-tailed)200 days
African Forest Elephant22 – 24 monthsDog62–64 days
African Palm Civet64 daysDolphin12 months
African Wild Dog70 daysDonkey365 days
Amur Leopard90 – 105 daysElephant660 days
Anteater190 daysElk, Wapiti255 days
Antelope8 monthsFerret42 days
Arctic Fox52 daysFox52 days
Arctic Hare53 daysGiraffe425 days
Arctic Wolf63 daysGoat150 days
Armadillo4 monthsGorilla270 days
Asian Elephant19 – 22 monthsHare36 days
Asian Palm Civet64 daysHippopotamus240 days
Asiatic Black Bear6 – 8 monthsHorse335–342
Aye Aye170 daysLeopard95 days
Baboon170 daysLion108 days
Bactrian Camel390 – 410 daysMarmoset150 days
Badger42 daysMink 41–75 days
Banded Palm Civet64 daysMonkey (Macaque)180 days
Bandicoot12 daysMoose235 days
Bat3 – 4 monthsMuskox255 days
Bear215 daysMuskrat29 days
Beaver122 daysNutria, Coypu130 days
Bengal Tiger3 – 4 monthsOpossum12 days
Binturong92 daysOtter270 – 300 days
Bison285 daysPanther90 days
Black Rhinoceros16 monthsPig114 days
Blue Whale11 – 12 monthsPorcupine210 days
Bobcat60 – 70 daysPronghorn250 days
Bongo9 monthsRabbit31 days
Bonobo240 daysRaccoon63 days
Bornean Orangutan9 monthsReindeer225 days
Borneo Elephant22 monthsRhinoceros (African)480 days
Bottlenose Dolphin12 monthsSeal330 days
Brown Bear180 to 266 daysSheep150 days
Buffalo11 monthsShrew20 days
Camel365 – 400 daysSkunk63 days
Capybara150 daysSquirrel (Gray)40 days
Caracal68 – 81 daysTapir390 days
Cat63 – 67 daysTiger103 days
Chamois5 – 6 monthsWalrus450 days
Cheetah3 monthsWhale (Sperm)450 days
Chimpanzee236 daysWolf63 days
Chinchilla111 daysWoodchuck31 days
Chipmunk30 daysHuman9 months