Giraffe Gestation Period and Chart

Giraffes are not only highly showy animals but also the tallest in the entire animal kingdom. The top of the head of these animals can be found almost 6 meters high, but in addition to their anatomy, there is also a lot to know about their reproductive and social habits.

Giraffes have a gestational period that is much longer than that of humans and even that of other large land animals.

Giraffe Gestation Calculator

How Long are Giraffes Pregnant?

The gestation period in giraffes is 453 – 464 days (14 – 15 months) from the first day of mating. Giraffes have an average gestation period of 459 days.

Species of Giraffes

  1. Northern giraffe
  2. Southern giraffe
  3. Masai giraffe
  4. Reticulated giraffe
Mother and Baby Giraffe
Mother Giraffe and Calf

Giraffes are capable of reproducing throughout the year, as they do not have a specific mating season like other animals. It is enough that a male and a receptive fertile female meet for copulation to take place.

Despite this, they have a preference for the rainy season where vegetation is more abundant. Those that live in captivity and have abundant food supplies do not take this factor into account in the same way as those of wildlife, which are easily stressed when food and guide are scarce in their environment.