Hippopotamus Gestation Calculator and Chart

Hippopotamus Gestation Calculator

Do you want to know how long a hippopotamus is pregnant or calculate the gestation period in hippopotamuses? We have developed this simple hippopotamus gestation calculator to help you determine the estimated due date of a pregnant hippopotamus.

Our hippopotamus gestation tool is simple to use. Select the date that the hippo was bred and click the Calculate button.

How Long are Hippos Pregnant?

The gestation period in hippopotamuses is 238 – 242 days from the first day of mating. Hippos have an average gestation period of 240 days. In months, the gestation period is 8 months.

Breeds of Hippopotamuses

  • Large Hippopotamus
  • Pygmy Hippopotamus
Hippopotamus Cow and Calf
Hippopotamus Cow and Calf

Hippo Gestation Gestation Chart / Table