Ovulation Calculator & Ovulation Calendar

Your chances of getting pregnant increase with the right planning. Predict your ovulation and your most fertile days of the month with our ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar.

Get pregnant quickly! Use the ovulation calculator and calendar below to calculate your most fertile days and the exact date of your ovulation.

About This Ovulation Calculator & Calendar

An ovulation calculator and calendar is a very common tool for women trying to conceive. Since many women’s ovulation cycles are very consistent from month to month and because the specific phases of the fertility cycle are well-known, a mathematical calculation can be set up to determine the date of the next predicted ovulation. This calculation can be extended out for several months and will be accurate for women who have a very consistent ovulation cycle. Then, just for fun, if we can predict the date of ovulation, we can also predict the date when fertilization would likely occur, within a range of a few days. And this allows us to predict when a baby would be due when carried to full term!

If your ovulation cycle is very consistent, you’ll definitely want to try our free online ovulation calculator provided below. As with the BBT ovulation calendar, this method tells you only when ovulation should occur if all is normal within your cycle. An ovulation calculator will not tell you if you’ve actually ovulated or if your ovulation occurred at the expected time during your ovulation cycle.

When Do You ovulate?

Your fertile days during each cycle are only temporary and therefore the possibility to get pregnant is limited to these days. During these days, rising estrogen causes the follicle to ovulate and release an egg. The egg is only fertile for 24 hours. Male sperm can survive for about 5 days inside a woman’s body depending on the conditions.

The ovulation usually occurs mid-cycle but may vary from ovulation to ovulation due to external influences like stress, illness or others. Therefore the ovulation predictor cannot guarantee your pregnancy and should especially not been used for birth control!

For couples who want children, it is important to know the ovulation, so they can plan and have sex during this timeframe of 5 days before the ovulation.

To help you predict these fertile days and your exact ovulation date in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant, we want to help you with this free ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar. After entering the required data and clicking calculate, your ovulation date and a fertile window will be displayed.

How Do I Calculate My Average Cycle Length?

To calculate a more precise ovulation date, you will need your average cycle length. This requires you to keep track of your cycle length for several months. The cycle length is defined as the first day of your period until the day before the next period (last cycle day).

The length may vary from woman to woman and cycle to cycle, but it usually lasts between 21 and 35 days (average = 28 days). So, if you do not know your cycle length right now, you should go with 28 days for now.