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On this website, you will be able to calculate the pregnancy gestation period of your favourite animal or pet and even humans. We are not limited to mammals and primates only. We are including non-mammals too. Isn’t that odd? Well, some non-mammals give birth to live young ones without laying eggs.

Based on the method of producing young ones, animals are divided into Oviparous and Viviparous. Oviparous animals reproduce by producing eggs that mature and hatch outside the body. Viviparous animals give birth to their young ones live.

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Basic Terminologies in Reproduction

What is Gestation?

Gestation is simply defined as the time period between conception (being pregnant) and parturition (giving birth). In other words, it is the period of time when the development of the foetus/baby occurs inside the female animal. Gestation can also be described as time a foetus (or baby) grows and develop inside the womb of the mother.

The term “gestation” was formed from a Latin word “gestare” which means ‘to carry or bear.’

What is Gestation Period?

The gestation period is defined as the time interval of a gestation. It is how long a female animal is pregnant or is carrying a baby inside her or her womb.

What is Gestational Age?

Gestational Age is the term used to determine the level of development or advancement of pregnancy. Gestation age is measured in weeks. Gestational age is subdivided into two stages, which are: the embryonic period and the foetal period.

What is Pregnant Due Date?

Pregnancy Due Date is the expected day which a female animal is expected to give birth after being pregnant.

What is Servicing?

Servicing is the act of mating in animals.

What is Heat or Oestrus?

Heat or Oestrus is the period of heat or sexual excitement in the female. It is the period when the female allows the male to mount her for mating.

What is Oestrus Cycle?

Oestrus cycle is the period from one oestrus or heat period to the next oestrus or heat period.