Ostrich Egg Incubation Calculator and Chart

Ostrich Egg Incubation Calculator

Use the ostrich egg incubation calculator below to calculate the estimated hatching date of fertilized ostrich eggs. Using this ostrich gestation period calculator is simple and it gives an instant result. You only need to select the date the eggs were set and click calculate.

How Long Do Chicken Eggs Take to Hatch?

The incubation period for ostrich eggs is 42 – 46 days counting from when the eggs are placed in an incubator. They have an average incubation period of 44 days.

Breeds of Ostriches

  • Red-necked Ostrich
  • Masai Ostrich
  • Southern Ostrich
  • Somali Ostrich
  • Middle Eastern or Arabian Ostrich
Newly hatched ostrich egg
Newly hatched ostrich egg


How long does it take for a fertilized ostrich egg to hatch?

It takes a fertilized ostrich egg about 44 days to hatch under a broody hen or in an egg incubator.

What is the ideal temperature and humidity required for successful ostrich egg incubation?

Ostrich eggs need to be incubated at an average temperature of 36-37°C (96.80-98.60°F) and 25-35% relative humidity.

Would an ostrich lay eggs without a rooster?

Yes, an ostrich would produce and lay eggs without mating with a rooster. Nevertheless, the eggs would be non-fertile and cannot develop into chicks.

Can an unfertilized egg develop and hatch?

No! An unfertilized ostrich egg cannot develop and hatch into a chick.