Buffalo Gestation Calculator and Chart

Buffaloes are large, heavy animals that are used both commercially and domestically. They are domesticated for dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and ghee (a type of clarified butter).

A buffalo calf weighs about 45 pounds at birth, and they can reach up to 600 pounds by adulthood. Most buffaloes have brown or black fur, which is characterized by the presence of black hair around the forehead that continues to cover the ears, back of the neck, shoulders and hump. They also have a shorter tail than their cousins, the bison.

Buffalo Gestation Calculator

With a buffalo gestation calculator, you can easily find out how long you have to wait until your buffalo calf is born.

If you want to know when your buffalo will give birth, use our pregnancy calculator. Input the cow’s first breeding date and click the calculate button. You will see the estimated calving date.

How Long are Buffaloes Pregnant?

The gestation period in buffalo cows is 280 – 334 days from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 307 days.

Buffalo Cow and Calf

Buffalo Gestation Table / Chart