Dachshund Pregnancy Calendar & Calculator

Dachshund dogs are small, long-legged canines with charming personalities and a serious passion for digging. These descendants of hounds and terriers are renowned for their hunting abilities and tenacity in the face of danger.

It is crucial to know how long a Dachshund’s pregnancy lasts so that you can monitor your pregnant Dachshund and know when to expect puppies! To help you predict your Dachshund’s due date, we’ve created this accurate Dachshund gestation calculator and chart. We also provided you with a printable Dachshund pregnancy calendar.

Dachshund Gestation Calculator

With our Dachshund gestation calculator, we can predict when your Dachshund will give birth. To calculate your Dachshund’s due date, simply enter the date the Dachshund was first bred and click Calculate. The estimated whelping date will be shown.

How Long is a Dachshund Pregnant?

The gestation period for Dachshunds is 62 – 66 days counting from the first day of mating. Dachshunds have an average gestation period of 64 days.

dachshund pregnancy

Dachshund Pregnancy Calendar & Chart

A printable Dachshund pregnancy calendar and table or chart can be used to figure out when a pregnant Dachshund will whelp or give birth, and how your Dachshund’s pregnancy is going. These documents are designed to help you track your Dachshund’s pregnancy week by week and her due date.