Rottweiler Pregnancy Calendar & Calculator

The Rottweiler is a large dog that is surprisingly agile, yet still perfectly suited to its role as a guard dog. It has a large head, body and bone structure and muscular legs.

It’s important to understand how long a Rottweiler’s pregnancy lasts. That way, you can watch over them with care and know when their puppies are due to be born! This post will provide a rottweiler gestation calculator, chart and pregnancy calendar that should help you predict your Rottweiler’s due date.

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Rottweiler Gestation Calculator

Curious how long you’re going to have to wait for your dog to give birth? We have a Rottweiler Gestation Calculator that can tell you your pregnant Rot’s due date. Enter the date Rottweiler was first bred and click ‘calculate,’ and you’ll see an estimate of when she will whelp.

How Long is a Rottweiler Pregnant?

The gestation period for Rottweilers is 59 – 65 days counting from the first day of mating. Rottweilers have an average gestation period of 64 days.


Rottweiler Pregnancy Calendar & Chart

A printable Rottweiler pregnancy calendar and table or chart can be used to figure out when a pregnant Rott will whelp or give birth and how your Rott’s pregnancy is going. These documents are designed to help you track your Rottweiler’s pregnancy week by week and her due date.