German Shepherd Gestation Calculator & Pregnancy Calendar

A German Shepherd gestation calculator is used to determine the estimated due date for a German Shepherd dog. With the GSD gestation calculator below, you can easily determine when your pregnant German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian would whelp.

German Shephard and Pup
German Shepherd and Pup

FAQs about German Shepherd Pregnancy

How long are German Shepherds pregnant?

German Shepherds are pregnant for 60-65 days or 9 weeks. The gestation period in German Shepherds is 60-65 days from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 64 days.

What is a German Shepherd’s pregnancy length?

Pregnancy length is another term for the gestation period. A German Shepherd’s pregnancy length is 60-65 days.

What are the signs of pregnancy in German Shepherds?

There are several first signs of pregnancy in German Shepherd dogs, including a decrease in activity level, an increase in appetite, and a change in nipple appearance.

What are the early signs that a German Shepherd is about to whelp?

There are several early signs of whelping in German Shepherds. The bitch’s body temperature will drop about 24 hours before labor begins. She may also become restless, panting more than usual, and her appetite may decrease. Her vulva will swell and her engorged nipples may start to leak milk.

What is the litter size for German Shepherds?

The average litter size for German shepherds is 8 puppies. Some litters may have as many as 15 or more puppies, while others may have only one or two.

German Shepherd Pregnancy Calendar

A printable German Shepherd pregnancy calendar or chart is for estimating when a pregnant GSD will whelp or give birth and for tracking how its pregnancy is going. The documents below will help you track your German Shepherd’s pregnancy week by week and its due date.

German Shepherd Pregnancy Calendar
German Shepherd Pregnancy Calendar