Cane Rat Gestation Calculator

Cane rat with her young

With this online cane rat gestation calculator, you will be able to determine the due date of your pregnant female grasscutter. This calculator is very easy to use. Simply select the date the cane rat was bred and click calculate. You will see the due date immediately.

Cane rats have an average gestation period of 153 days. The gestation period for cane-rats or grasscutter is 148 to 158 days counting from the first day of mating.

The gestation calculator above can be used for the following breeds of cane rat or grass cutter.

  • Greater cane rat
  • Lesser cane rat
Cane rat with her young
Cane rat with her pups

You can answer the following questions on cane rats or grasscutter gestation with the calculator.

  • What is a grasscutter’s due date?
  • For how long are cane rats pregnant?
  • How long is the gestation period for grasscutters?

What is the estrous or heat cycle in cane rats?

Cane rats have an estrous cycle of 28 days and the estrus period lasts for 7 days.