Cane Rat Gestation Calculator and Chart

Cane Rat Gestation Calculator

With this online cane rat gestation calculator, you will be able to determine the due date of your cane rat’s or grasscutter’s pregnancy. This calculator is very easy to use.

Simply select the date the cane rat was bred and click calculate. You will see the pregnancy due date immediately.

How Long are Cane Rats Pregnant?

The gestation period in cane-rats or grasscutters is 148 – 158 days from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 153 days.

Breeds of Cane Rats or Grasscutters

The gestation calculator above can be used for the following breeds of cane rats or grasscutters.

  • Greater cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) (Temminck)
  • Lesser cane rat (Thryonomys gregorianus) (Thomas)
Cane rat with her young
Cane rat with her pups

Cane Rat Gestation Table / Chart

Apart from a cane rat gestation calculator, a cane rat gestation table or chart can also be used to determine the estimated due date of grasscutter’s pregnancy.

Using a gestation table or chart is easy. It can be downloaded and printed to use offline.

The grasscutter or cane rat gestation table is also called the cane rat gestation chart, cane rat gestation calendar, grasscutter gestation chart, grasscutter gestation calendar.

The printable cane rat gestation table below is based on a 153-day Gestation Period.

Cane Rat Gestation Table

Based on a 153-Day Gestation Period
Date BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue DateDate BredDue Date
Jan 01Jun 03Feb 01Jul 04Mar 01Aug 01Apr 01Sep 01May 01Oct 01Jun 01Nov 01Jul 01Dec 01Aug 01Jan 01Sep 01Feb 01Oct 01Mar 03Nov 01Apr 03Dec 01May 03
Jan 02Jun 04Feb 02Jul 05Mar 02Aug 02Apr 02Sep 02May 02Oct 02Jun 02Nov 02Jul 02Dec 02Aug 02Jan 02Sep 02Feb 02Oct 02Mar 04Nov 02Apr 04Dec 02May 04
Jan 03Jun 05Feb 03Jul 06Mar 03Aug 03Apr 03Sep 03May 03Oct 03Jun 03Nov 03Jul 03Dec 03Aug 03Jan 03Sep 03Feb 03Oct 03Mar 05Nov 03Apr 05Dec 03May 05
Jan 04Jun 06Feb 04Jul 07Mar 04Aug 04Apr 04Sep 04May 04Oct 04Jun 04Nov 04Jul 04Dec 04Aug 04Jan 04Sep 04Feb 04Oct 04Mar 06Nov 04Apr 06Dec 04May 06
Jan 05Jun 07Feb 05Jul 08Mar 05Aug 05Apr 05Sep 05May 05Oct 05Jun 05Nov 05Jul 05Dec 05Aug 05Jan 05Sep 05Feb 05Oct 05Mar 07Nov 05Apr 07Dec 05May 07
Jan 06Jun 08Feb 06Jul 09Mar 06Aug 06Apr 06Sep 06May 06Oct 06Jun 06Nov 06Jul 06Dec 06Aug 06Jan 06Sep 06Feb 06Oct 06Mar 08Nov 06Apr 08Dec 06May 08
Jan 07Jun 09Feb 07Jul 10Mar 07Aug 07Apr 07Sep 07May 07Oct 07Jun 07Nov 07Jul 07Dec 07Aug 07Jan 07Sep 07Feb 07Oct 07Mar 09Nov 07Apr 09Dec 07May 09
Jan 08Jun 10Feb 08Jul 11Mar 08Aug 08Apr 08Sep 08May 08Oct 08Jun 08Nov 08Jul 08Dec 08Aug 08Jan 08Sep 08Feb 08Oct 08Mar 10Nov 08Apr 10Dec 08May 10
Jan 09Jun 11Feb 09Jul 12Mar 09Aug 09Apr 09Sep 09May 09Oct 09Jun 09Nov 09Jul 09Dec 09Aug 09Jan 09Sep 09Feb 09Oct 09Mar 11Nov 09Apr 11Dec 09May 11
Jan 10Jun 12Feb 10Jul 13Mar 10Aug 10Apr 10Sep 10May 10Oct 10Jun 10Nov 10Jul 10Dec 10Aug 10Jan 10Sep 10Feb 10Oct 10Mar 12Nov 10Apr 12Dec 10May 12
Jan 11Jun 13Feb 11Jul 14Mar 11Aug 11Apr 11Sep 11May 11Oct 11Jun 11Nov 11Jul 11Dec 11Aug 11Jan 11Sep 11Feb 11Oct 11Mar 13Nov 11Apr 13Dec 11May 13
Jan 12Jun 14Feb 12Jul 15Mar 12Aug 12Apr 12Sep 12May 12Oct 12Jun 12Nov 12Jul 12Dec 12Aug 12Jan 12Sep 12Feb 12Oct 12Mar 14Nov 12Apr 14Dec 12May 14
Jan 13Jun 15Feb 13Jul 16Mar 13Aug 13Apr 13Sep 13May 13Oct 13Jun 13Nov 13Jul 13Dec 13Aug 13Jan 13Sep 13Feb 13Oct 13Mar 15Nov 13Apr 15Dec 13May 15
Jan 14Jun 16Feb 14Jul 17Mar 14Aug 14Apr 14Sep 14May 14Oct 14Jun 14Nov 14Jul 14Dec 14Aug 14Jan 14Sep 14Feb 14Oct 14Mar 16Nov 14Apr 16Dec 14May 16
Jan 15Jun 17Feb 15Jul 18Mar 15Aug 15Apr 15Sep 15May 15Oct 15Jun 15Nov 15Jul 15Dec 15Aug 15Jan 15Sep 15Feb 15Oct 15Mar 17Nov 15Apr 17Dec 15May 17
Jan 16Jun 18Feb 16Jul 19Mar 16Aug 16Apr 16Sep 16May 16Oct 16Jun 16Nov 16Jul 16Dec 16Aug 16Jan 16Sep 16Feb 16Oct 16Mar 18Nov 16Apr 18Dec 16May 18
Jan 17Jun 19Feb 17Jul 20Mar 17Aug 17Apr 17Sep 17May 17Oct 17Jun 17Nov 17Jul 17Dec 17Aug 17Jan 17Sep 17Feb 17Oct 17Mar 19Nov 17Apr 19Dec 17May 19
Jan 18Jun 20Feb 18Jul 21Mar 18Aug 18Apr 18Sep 18May 18Oct 18Jun 18Nov 18Jul 18Dec 18Aug 18Jan 18Sep 18Feb 18Oct 18Mar 20Nov 18Apr 20Dec 18May 20
Jan 19Jun 21Feb 19Jul 22Mar 19Aug 19Apr 19Sep 19May 19Oct 19Jun 19Nov 19Jul 19Dec 19Aug 19Jan 19Sep 19Feb 19Oct 19Mar 21Nov 19Apr 21Dec 19May 21
Jan 20Jun 22Feb 20Jul 23Mar 20Aug 20Apr 20Sep 20May 20Oct 20Jun 20Nov 20Jul 20Dec 20Aug 20Jan 20Sep 20Feb 20Oct 20Mar 22Nov 20Apr 22Dec 20May 22
Jan 21Jun 23Feb 21Jul 24Mar 21Aug 21Apr 21Sep 21May 21Oct 21Jun 21Nov 21Jul 21Dec 21Aug 21Jan 21Sep 21Feb 21Oct 21Mar 23Nov 21Apr 23Dec 21May 23
Jan 22Jun 24Feb 22Jul 25Mar 22Aug 22Apr 22Sep 22May 22Oct 22Jun 22Nov 22Jul 22Dec 22Aug 22Jan 22Sep 22Feb 22Oct 22Mar 24Nov 22Apr 24Dec 22May 24
Jan 23Jun 25Feb 23Jul 26Mar 23Aug 23Apr 23Sep 23May 23Oct 23Jun 23Nov 23Jul 23Dec 23Aug 23Jan 23Sep 23Feb 23Oct 23Mar 25Nov 23Apr 25Dec 23May 25
Jan 24Jun 26Feb 24Jul 27Mar 24Aug 24Apr 24Sep 24May 24Oct 24Jun 24Nov 24Jul 24Dec 24Aug 24Jan 24Sep 24Feb 24Oct 24Mar 26Nov 24Apr 26Dec 24May 26
Jan 25Jun 27Feb 25Jul 28Mar 25Aug 25Apr 25Sep 25May 25Oct 25Jun 25Nov 25Jul 25Dec 25Aug 25Jan 25Sep 25Feb 25Oct 25Mar 27Nov 25Apr 27Dec 25May 27
Jan 26Jun 28Feb 26Jul 29Mar 26Aug 26Apr 26Sep 26May 26Oct 26Jun 26Nov 26Jul 26Dec 26Aug 26Jan 26Sep 26Feb 26Oct 26Mar 28Nov 26Apr 28Dec 26May 28
Jan 27Jun 29Feb 27Jul 30Mar 27Aug 27Apr 27Sep 27May 27Oct 27Jun 27Nov 27Jul 27Dec 27Aug 27Jan 27Sep 27Feb 27Oct 27Mar 29Nov 27Apr 29Dec 27May 29
Jan 28Jun 30Feb 28Jul 31Mar 28Aug 28Apr 28Sep 28May 28Oct 28Jun 28Nov 28Jul 28Dec 28Aug 28Jan 28Sep 28Feb 28Oct 28Mar 30Nov 28Apr 30Dec 28May 30
Jan 29Jul 01Mar 29Aug 29Apr 29Sep 29May 29Oct 29Jun 29Nov 29Jul 29Dec 29Aug 29Jan 29Sep 29Mar 01Oct 29Mar 31Nov 29May 01Dec 29May 31
Jan 30Jul 02Mar 30Aug 30Apr 30Sep 30May 30Oct 30Jun 30Nov 30Jul 30Dec 30Aug 30Jan 30Sep 30Mar 02Oct 30Apr 01Nov 30May 02Dec 30Jun 01
Jan 31Jul 03Mar 31Aug 31May 31Oct 31Jul 31Dec 31Aug 31Jan 31Oct 31Apr 02Dec 31Jun 02
Cane Rat Gestation Table / Chart
Cane Rat Gestation Table / Chart