If you want to know or determine the gestation period or the due date for a female deer (doe), this simple deer gestation period calculator will do this for you. To use this gestation or pregnancy calculator, key in or select the date the first date the doe mated and click calculate.

Deers have a gestation period of 230 days. The gestation period for deers ranges from 181 to 290 days (depending on the speicies) counting from the first day of mating.

The deer pregnancy calculator above can be used for the following species of deer.

White Tail DeerRed Deer
Mule DeerReindeer
Roe DeerFallow Deer
Female deer and young
Female deer and young

How long are deers pregnant / what is the gestation period for deers?

The gestation period for deers is generally between 181 to 290 days. This implies that a pregnant deer will carry her pregnancy for 181 to 290 days. The gestation calculator can be used to calculate the estimated due date.

What is the heat or estrus cycle in the deer?

The estrus cycle in the deer ranges from 17 to 22 days depending on species and each estrus or heat usually lasts for only 24 hours. So if the doe (female deer) is not bred within this timeframe, another cycle of heat will recur after 17 to 22 days.

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