Ferrets, like guinea pigs, are one of the small, adorable pet animals in the world. For anyone who wants to know or determine the estimated due date for a pregnant Jill (a female ferret), the ferret gestation calculator below is a useful tool. To use this gestation or pregnancy calculator, key in or select the date the first date Jill mated and click calculate.

Ferrets have an average gestation period of 42 days. The gestation period for ferrets is 40 to 44 days counting from the first day of mating.

The ferret gestation period calculator above could be used for the following breeds of ferrets.

Albino Black Sable
Black Sable Mitts Regular Sable
Regular Sable Mitts Blaze
Champagne Chocolate
Chocolate Mitts Cinnamon
Cinnamon Mitts Dalmatian
Heavy Silver or Pewter Panda
Light pattern Medium pattern
Siamese Siamese Mitts
Striped White Dark-eyed White (DEW)
Female ferret (Jill) and young
Female ferret (Jill) and young

How long are ferrets pregnant / what is the gestation period for ferrets?

The gestation period for ferrets is 40 to 44 days and an average of 42 days. This means that a pregnant ferret (Jill) will carry her pregnancy for about 40 days. Use the gestation period calculator above to determine the ferret estimated kindling date.

What is the heat or estrus cycle in a ferret?

Female ferrets are induced ovulators i.e. they come on heat as soon as a male climbs on them. If the Jill is not bred or mated, it would go into prolonged estrus or heat and the heat cycle can be as long as 6 months. In this case, the female Jill may die due to a hormonally induced anemia.

Ferret Gestation Chart

This ferret gestation chart below can be used to determine the estimated due date of your pregnant ferret.

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