Are you a guinea pig keeper and have a pregnant guinea pig or cavy? It is important for you to know when your pregnant sow (adult female guinea pig) will give birth. With the following cavy or guinea pig gestation period calculator, you will be able to determine the estimated due date for your pregnant cavy to deliver her pups. To calculate the guinea pig gestation period using this calculator, select the date of first mating and click the calculate button. The farrowing date would be displayed instantly.

Guinea pigs have an average gestation period of 66 days. The gestation period for guinea pigs is 59 to 72 days counting from the first day of mating.

You can also use this cavy or guinea pig gestation period calculator for these guinea pig breeds.

Abyssinian Abyssinian Satin
American American Satin
Coronet Peruvian
Peruvian Satin Silkie
Silkie Satin Teddy
Teddy Satin Texel
White Crested  
Guinea Pig and Pups
Guinea Pig and Pups

Some frequently asked questions on the guinea pig heat period, due date or gestation period and gestation chart or table have been answered.

What is the gestation period for guinea pigs / how long is a guinea pig pregnant?

The gestation length or period for a guinea pig ranges between 59 to 72 days or an average of 66 days. Hence, a sow (female guinea pig) will carry her pregnancy for about 66 days. You can use the guinea pig pregnancy calculator above to determine a guinea pig estimated farrowing date.

What is the heat or estrus cycle in a guinea pig?

The estrus or heat cycle in guinea pigs is between 15 to 17 days or an average of 16 days. The estrus lasts for a period of 24 to 48 hours (i.e. 1 to 2 days). If a guinea pig sow is unable to mate within two days of coming on heat, then she has to wait for another 17 days to come on another heat.

Guinea pig gestation chart

A gestation chart or calendar is an alternative to a gestation calculator. It can be used when you have no access to a computer or the internet and you need to check your guinea pig due date. Use the gestation chart below.

Guinea Pig Gestation Calendar 1

Guinea Pig Gestation Calendar 2

Guinea Pig Gestation Calendar 3

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