This elephant gestation period calculator is created for people who want to know or calculate the due date for a pregnant female elephant (also called a cow). To use the calculator below, input the date of the first mating and click calculate.

Elephants have an average gestation period of about 640 to 660 days or 95 weeks. African elephants are believed to have an average gestation of 645 days while the Asian elephants are believed to have an average gestation period of 617 days.

According to animal research experts, there are only two recognized breeds or species of elephant—the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant. The elephant pregnancy calculator above will work for both elephant species.

African Elephant Mother and Calf
African Elephant Mother and Calf

Some FAQs on elephant gestation and pregnancy have been answered below.

What is the gestation period for an elephant?

The gestation period or length for elephants varies from breed to breed and from individual to individual. However, the average gestation period for elephants is 640 to 660 days. You can use the gestation calculator above for this purpose.

What is the estrus or heat cycle of an elephant?

The estrus cycle in elephants is 13 – 18 weeks and each estrus or heat lasts for 2 to 6 days. The meaning is that a mature cow (a female elephant) will only allow a bull (a male elephant) to mount on her within the 2 to 6 days of heat. If there is no conception, the female elephant will allow the male again until after 13 to 18 weeks when she comes on another heat.

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