Lion Gestation Calculator and Chart

Lion Gestation Calculator

Need to calculate the gestation period in lions? The lion gestation calculator below will help you calculate or determine the estimated due date or cubbing for a lioness.

Using the gestation tool is easy. Select the date that the lioness was bred and click the Calculate button.

How Long are Lions Pregnant?

The gestation period in lions is 105 – 110 days from the first day of mating. Lions have an average gestation period of 107 days. In months, the gestation period is 3 and a half months.

Breeds of Lions

Katanga LionCongo Lion
Transvaal LionBarbary Lion
East African LionAsiatic Lion
West African LionBlack Lion
Eurasian Cave LionPrimitive Cave Lion
American Lion 
Lioness and cubs
Lioness and cubs

Lion Gestation Chart / Table