Pig Gestation Calculator and Chart

Pig Gestation Calculator

Is your pig pregnant and you wanted to know her farrowing date? Are you interested in knowing when a sow would deliver her piglets? If yes, our pig gestation calculator will help you to calculate the estimated farrowing date for your pregnant pig.

To calculate the pig gestation using this calculator, just select the date of first mating and click the calculate button. The farrowing date will be displayed.

How Long are Pigs Pregnant?

The gestation period in pigs is 113 – 115 days from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 114 days.

Breeds of Pigs

This pig gestation period calculator can be used for the following breeds of pigs.

Danish Landrace Kele Beijing Black
Ningxiang Mong Cai Bulgarian White
French Landrace Large Black-white Wuzhishan
Lithuanian Native Mukota Mora Romagnola
Thuoc Nhieu Lacombe Meishan
Swedish Landrace Belarus Black Pied Gloucestershire Old Spots
Dutch Landrace Berkshire Hereford
British Landrace Minzhu Red Wattle
American Yorkshire Large White American Landrace
Welsh Mulefoot Fengjing
Ba Xuyen Yorkshire Jinhua
Hezuo Tibetan Saddleback
Finnish Landrace German Landrace Mangalitza
Bantu Kunekune Iberian
Vietnamese Potbelly Hampshire Philippine Native
Swallow Belied Mangalitza Poland China Large Black
Neijiang Italian Landrace Krskopolje
British Lop Chester White Oxford Sandy and Black
Choctaw Hog Middle White Arapawa Island
Cantonese Pig Belgian Landrace Norwegian Landrace
Pietrain Turopolje Duroc
Spotted Guinea Hog Angeln saddleback
Czech Improved White Ossabaw Island Tamworth
Mother pig and piglet
Sow and piglet

Pig Gestation Table / Chart

An alternative to an online pig gestation calculator is the cattle gestation table/chart. You can use the printable swine or pig gestation table or chart below to determine when your pregnant sow will give birth (farrow).

This table is also referred to as

  • Pig gestation chart
  • Pig gestation calendar
  • Swine gestation calendar
  • Swine gestation chart

Kindly note that the table is based on a 114-day Gestation Period.

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Pig Gestation Table / Chart
Pig Gestation Table / Chart