Use this simple Bunny or Rabbit Gestation Period or Pregnancy Calculator to calculate the due date for your pregnant doe. Input the rabbit’s date of first mating and click calculate. You will see the estimated date that your doe should kid.

Rabbits have an average gestation period of 31 days. The gestation period for rabbits is 29 to 33 days counting from the first day of mating.

The calculator can be used for the following rabbit breeds:

Flemish GiantThriantaNew ZealandDwarf Hotot
American Fuzzy LopFlorida WhiteMini LopEnglish Angora
Checkered GiantCreme d’ArgentCalifornianEnglish Spot
Britannia PetiteMini SatinSilver FoxFrench Angora
RexSilver MartenLilacDutch
French LopAmericanMini RexRhinelander
Giant ChinchillaStandard ChinchillaNetherland DwarfBelgian Hare
Holland LopHavanaBeverenJersey Wooly
HarlequinPolishEnglish LopTan
CinnamonPalominoSatin AngoraGiant Angora
SatinSilverHimalayanChampagne d’Argent
American SableAmerican ChinchillaBlanc de Hotot
Flemish Giant Thrianta New Zealand Dwarf Hotot
American Fuzzy Lop Florida White Mini Lop English Angora
Checkered Giant Creme d’Argent Californian English Spot
Britannia Petite Mini Satin Silver Fox French Angora
Rex Silver Marten Lilac Dutch
French Lop American Mini Rex Rhinelander
Giant Chinchilla Standard Chinchilla Netherland Dwarf Belgian Hare
Holland Lop Havana Beveren Jersey Wooly
Harlequin Polish English Lop Tan
Cinnamon Palomino Satin Angora Giant Angora
Satin Silver Himalayan Champagne d’Argent
American Sable American Chinchilla Blanc de Hotot  
Rabbit Doe and Kits
Rabbit Doe and Kits

There are some frequently asked questions on rabbits, rabbit gestation period and pregnancy calendar. These questions and their answers are as follow:

How long is a rabbit pregnant or what is the gestation period for rabbits?

This question has been answered above. Rabbits have a gestation period of 29 – 32 days and an average of 30 days. Use our rabbit gestation calculator above to calculate the estimated due date of your pregnant bunny.

What are the signs of pregnancy in rabbits?

To know if a female rabbit (doe) is pregnant, there are some signs one should look for. They include:

  • Disinterest in bucks (males)
  • Increase in body weight
  • Bulging and multiple lumps in the abdomen
  • Extra moody or cranky
  • Increase in feed intake
  • When closer (about 1 week) to her due date, she will start exhibiting nesting behavior

Can I touch my rabbit’s newborn babies with my bare hands?

No, you should touch the babies (kits) of your rabbit with your hands when they have not developed furs. This is because nursing rabbits have a sensitive nose and they know when their babies have been touched. Hence, they will neglect the babies and refuse to breastfeed them. The newborn will die of starvation. If you must touch the babies with your hands, the trick to use is taking the doe away from the hutch. After you are done with the babies, rub the doe’s nose and mouth area with her urine. Doing that will make it difficult for her to detect if her kits have been touched.

Other Useful Information on Rabbit Pregnancy and Gestation

Not every mating results in pregnancy. Due to the fact that a doe must be in season to fall pregnant, sometimes it may take several mating attempts. If at all possible leave the buck and doe together in the hutch for up to 2 weeks, this way it will be highly likely that the mating will result in pregnancy.

Make a note of the date that you put the doe into the buck’s hutch in a calendar, diary, or notebook. That way, it will be easier to work out approximately when the litter will be due.

The gestation period for rabbits is 29 to 33 days, and when the doe is getting ready to give birth, she will prepare a nest. This usually involves gathering the bedding into a corner of her hutch and a few days before giving birth, she will pull some of the furs out of her stomach. This fur lines the nest for the babies, and also the process uncovers her nipples ready for feeding the litter.

Rabbit Gestation Period Chart

Use the rabbit gestation chart below to determine the estimated due date of your pregnant bunny.

Rabbit Gestation Table

Download a printable rabbit gestation table here