Use this simple Cow Gestation Period or Pregnancy Calculator to calculate the due date for your pregnant cow. Input the cow’s date of first mating and click calculate. You will see the estimated date that your cow should calve (give birth).

Cattle have an average gestation period of 283 days. The gestation period for cattle is 279 to 287 days counting from the first day of mating.

This cattle/cow gestation calculator can be used for the following breeds of cattle.

Abondance Adaptaur Afrikaner Agerolese Alambadi
Albera American Milking Devon Anatolian Black Andalusian Black Angus
Ankole-Watusi Argentine Criollo Armorican Arouquesa Asturian Valley
Aubrac Australian Braford Ayrshire Bargur Barzona
Bazadaise Belgian Blue Belgian Red Belmont Red Belted Galloway
Blaarkop Black Hereford Blonde d’Aquitaine Boran Brahman
Brangus Braunvieh Brava Brown Swiss Burlina
Busa Cachena Camargue Canadian Speckle Park Canadienne
Canchim Caracu Casta Charolais Chianina
Chinese Black Pied Corriente Corsican Dangi Danish Red
Deoni Devon Dexter Dhanni Droughtmaster
Dutch Belted English Longhorn Evolene Finn Fjall
Fleckvieh Florida Cracker French Simmental Galloway Gangatiri
Gaolao Gascon Gelbvieh German Angus Gir
Glan Gloucester Greek Shorthorn Halikar Haryana
Hays Converter Heck Hereford Herens Highland
Hinterwald Holando-Argentino Holstein Friesian Hungarian Grey Icelandic
Illawarra Irish Moiled Istoben Jamaica Hope Jersey
Jutland Kankrej Kangayam Kazakh Whiteheaded Kenkatha
Kerry Kherigarh Khillari Kostroma Krishna Valley
Kuri Lourdais Lowline Luing Lohani
Lithuanian Red Lincoln Red Limousin Limia Lebedyn
Latvian Brown Madura Maine-Anjou Malnad Gidda Malvi
Marchigiana Maremmana Maronesa Mewati Milking Shorthorn
Mirandesa Mongolian Montbéliarde Murboden Murnau-Werdenfels
Murray Grey Nagori N’dama Nelore Nguni
Nimari Normande Norwegian Red Ongole Pajuna
Pantaneiro Parthenais Pembroke Pie Rouge des Plaines Piedmontese
Pinzgauer Pirenaica Podolica Polish Red Ponwar
Punganur Pustertaler Sprinzen Ramo Grande Randall Rathi
Red Angus Red Kandhari Red Poll Red Sindhi Ringamala
Romagnola Romosinuano Rubia Gallega Sahiwal Santa Gertrudis
Sayaguesa Senepol Shetland Shorthorn Simmental
Siri Sokoto Gudali South Devon Southern Yellow Spanish Fighting Bull
Square Beefer Sussex Swedish Red Tarentaise Telemark
Texas Longhorn Tharparkar Tswana Tudanca Tux
Tyrolese Grey Ukrainian Grey Umblachery Vaynol Vechur
Vorderwald Welsh Black White Fulani White Park Whitebred Shorthorn
Yakutian Yanbian Yurino    
cow and calf gestation
Cow and calf

We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions on cattle/cow gestation, pregnancy and gestation table, breeding calendar and heat cycle.

How long is a cow pregnant or what is the gestation period for a cow?

The gestation of a cow is 279 – 287 days and an average of 283 days. Our cow gestation calculator above will help you to calculate the estimated calving due date of your pregnant cow.

What is the heat cycle of cows?

Cows usually come on heat (estrus) every 18 – 24 days and the heat lasts for 18 hours. After about 12 hours that the cow comes off the heat, ovulation starts. So if the cow didn’t get a bull to service her or fertilization didn’t occur, she would come on heat after another 18 – 24 days.

What is a Cattle / Cow Gestation Table / Calendar / Chart?

The gestation table calendar or chat is a table that can be used to easily know the estimated calf due date by just checking the date of service or mating. The calendar or chart is designed just like a calendar starting from 1st January to 31st December and beside each day is the estimated due date. Check the pictures below for our sample cattle/cow gestation table or chart.

Cattle Gestation Table / Chart 1

Cattle Gestation Table / Chart 2