This simple Goat Gestation Period or Pregnancy Calculator will help you to calculate the due date for your pregnant doe (female goat). Simply key in the doe’s date of first mating and click calculate. You will see the estimated date that your goat should kid (give birth).

Goats have an average gestation period of 150 days. The gestation period for goats is 145 – 155 days counting from the first day of mating.

You can also use this goat gestation calculator for these goat breeds:

African Pygmy Alpine Altai Mountain Anglo Nubian Angora
Appenzell Arapawa Argentata dell’Etna Aspromonte Barbari
Beetal Bionda dell’Adamello Black Bengal Boer British Alpine
Cashmere Chamois Colored Changthangi Damascus Danish Landrace
Dera Din Panah Don Dutch Landrace Fainting Garganica
Girgentana Golden Guernsey Icelandic Irish Jakharana
Jamunapari Jining Grey Jonica Kaghani Kalahari Red
Kamori Khari Kiko Kinder Kri-Kri
Kutchi Lamancha Laoshan Maltese Marwari
Mehsana Mini Oberhasli Murcia Granada Murciana Nigerian Dwarf
Nigora Oberhasli Orobica Osmanabadi Peacock
Pygmy Pygora Rove Russian White Saanen
Sahelian San Clemente Island Sarda Sirohi Sojat
Somali Spanish Stiefelgeiss Surti Tauernsheck
Thuringian Toggenburg Valais Blackneck Verata West African Dwarf
White Shorthaired Zalawadi Zhongwei    
Goat and kid
Goat and kid

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the goat gestation period, goat pregnancy, goat gestation calendar, goat kidding and heat cycle.

What is the gestation period for a goat or how long is a goat pregnant?

Goats have a gestation period of 145 to 155 days or 150 days on average. Our goat gestation calculator at the top of this page will enable you to know the estimated kidding due date of your pregnant doe.

What is the heat or estrus cycle of goat?

The heat or estrus cycle in goats is 18 to 24 days (average of 21 days). Each heat period usually lasts between 12 to 36 hours. This means a female goat will only allow a buck to mount on (or service) her between 12 to 36 hours. If eventually there is no mating, or fertilization didn’t occur, the doe will come on another heat after 18 – 24 days.

What is a Goat Gestation Table, Calendar or Chart?

The gestation chart/calendar or breeding chart is used to determine the estimated kidding due date. The chart or calendar is very similar to the normal calendar which starts from January 1 to December 21, but estimated gestation dates are also available for each breeding date. Check the pictures below for our sample goat gestation table or chart.

 Goat Gestation Chart/Calendar 1

 Goat Gestation Chart/Calendar 2