Rat & Mouse Gestation Period and Chart

A large number of species of rodents belonging to different genera are known under the common name mouse. These animals are found throughout the world and show a preference for more urbanized habitats, which are where it is possible to find a greater quantity of food.

The reproductive strategy of rats and mice is more than efficient, being considered a pest today because of how fast their population grows. Mice is the second mammal with the most presence on the planet, being surpassed only by humans.

Rat & Mouse Gestation Calculator

The online rat/mouse gestation calculator would help you to know the due date of a pregnant rat or mouse. It is very easy to use. Simply select the date the rat/mouse was bred and click calculate.

How Long are Rats and Mice Pregnant?

The gestation period in rats and mice is 21 – 24 days from the first day of mating. They have an average gestation period of 23 days.

Mother rat and her young
Mother rat and her young

Some Rat Species

  • Brown rat
  • Black rat
  • Albino rat
  • Polynesian rat
  • Bush rat

Other Facts About Mice and Rats

Rats and mice are very prolific mammals, which is helped by the fact that they have such a short gestational period. A female can have an average of 8 to 12 clutches in a single year, and about 8 to 12 clutches are born from each of them.

The female is capable of suckling up to 12 young at a time since she has 6 pairs of nipples distributed in the thorax and abdomen. From these figures, the survival of the neonates is calculated in an average of 12 to 20 individuals per year.

Rat & Mouse Gestation Table/Chart